We’ve moved our clocks forward and we’re starting to think about that long anticipated day when we open up the cottage for the season. Even if you have a year round cottage, there are still lots of things that need to be looked after before we can finally put our feet up and relax. That includes thinking about pest control. Spring is a time when insects and other pests emerge and begin foraging for food and nesting areas. A time when they have their young and become quite active. 

An annual pest control program is the first step in keeping pests out. Choose a local professional who knows the area and the types of problems that are specific to your area.

Before an infestation catches you off guard, here’s a few tips to help keep unwanted pests such as Carpenter Ants, Mice Spiders and many others outdoors where they belong.

Seal up Entry Points:

Check your cottage or home for cracks and openings around the exterior of your structure(s). Things can change year to year. Get some help from a local contractor or handyman if you need. Remember to look up high, pests don’t always enter at ground level.

Ensure Good Drainage:

Keeping moisture away is a good idea for a lot of reasons, but for the purpose of pest control, it’s especially important. Moisture issues can contribute to Carpenter Ant infestations and many other pest related issues. You want to try and eliminate the conditions that attract and sustain pests. Eliminate standing water around the property. Mosquitoes can not only disrupt your Barbequing, but they carry diseases as well.

Trim Branches and Shrubbery:

Trim Branches and shrubbery away from the exterior of the structure. Carpenter Ants and other pests can get access this way. The branches can also do damage in some cases. Don’t store firewood or other materials against the structure.

Put Food In Sealed Containers:

Keep your food in sealed containers. Don’t leave any food that may attract or feed the pests. Especially if your not at the cottage all the time. Pet food, Pantry items, cereals and other dry foods are inviting to Ants, Mice and other pests.

Talk to a Local Expert!

Despite your best efforts to prevent pests such as Carpenter Ants and Mice from entering your cottage, pest infestations can still occur anytime.  A Local Professional Pest Control company like Muskoka Pest Control can help you with environmentally responsible ways to address any pest issues, and prevent future visits from unwelcome insects and wildlife.