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Bed bug

The Bed bug is making a comeback. People now travel more than ever before, and bed bugs are hitching rides on clothing and luggage. They can now be found everywhere from homeless shelters to five-star hotels to single family dwellings to public transportation. They are moved from room to room on infested objects. Anyone can get an infestation of bedbugs and this does not mean a lack of cleanliness.


Adult bed bugs are about the same size and shape as an apple seed. They have an oval, broad, flat body and a short, broad head. Bed bugs cannot easily climb metal or polished surfaces and cannot fly or jump. Unfed adults are around 6 to 10 mm long, brown and wingless. After feeding, they swell slightly in size and darken to a blood-red colour. The nymphs are shaped like the adults, but are yellow-white in colour.

The eggs are white, about 1 mm long (1/25 inch), and are almost impossible to see on most surfaces. The female bedbug lays at least 200 eggs in her lifetime, at a rate of about 2 to 4 per day. The eggs have a sticky coating and are placed in cracks and crevices, behind woodwork and any other hiding place they can find. They usually hatch in 6 to 17 days.

Newly hatched nymphs feed as soon as food is available. A bedbug goes through five moults (shedding its skin) before it reaches full maturity. Adults usually live for around 10 months, but can live for a year or more and can breed year round in a home where the environment is good for reproduction (like temperatures between 21° and 28°C). Bedbugs can live from several weeks up to roughly a year and a half without feeding.

Early detection of a bedbug infestation is very important. The larger the infestation, the more difficult getting rid of the bedbugs will be. Because bedbugs travel easily, you may also have to treat nearby rooms. Remove or reduce any clutter where bedbugs can hide. Bedbugs may fall off infested items when moved. Securely seal items in an enclosed bag, plastic wrap or plastic container to prevent them from spreading to non-infested areas of the building.

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Bed bug myths & faqs

Bed Bugs can be difficult to eliminate and control requires a high level of professional training. If you think you have Bed Bugs, talk to the professionals at Muskoka Pest Control.
Myth: bed bugs are too small to see.
Fact: although they may be difficult to find because they hide well, bed bugs are big enough to be seen with the naked eye. bed bugs look similar to an apple seed in size and appearance.
Myth: bed bugs are only found in shelters; only poor people or dirty people get them.
fact: bed bugs can be found in hotels, motels, dormitories, apartments, condos, private homes, and even in some public places, such as stores and offices. anyone can get bed bugs.
Myth: Walking into a room that has bed bugs means you will get bed bugs.
fact: bed bugs do not jump. They spend a majority of their time hiding and are usually active at night bed bugs generally avoid light and do not like to be disturbed.
Myth: bed bugs cause disease.
fact: There is no evidence that shows bed bugs transmit disease. bed bug bites, however, can cause allergic reaction in some people similar to a mosquito bite. Frequent scratching of the bite marks or picking the scabs can cause infections. and people with severe and/or repeated infestations can feel anxious, worried or ashamed.
Myth: chemicals/pesticides will kill bed bugs.
fact: Pesticide application alone will not kill bed bugs at all stages. Successful treatment depends on an integrated Pest management approach to bed bug control which involves, vacuuming, and steaming, washing belongings and sealing areas and gaps where bed bugs can hide. consult a Pest management Professional before using over the counter pest control products or home remedies.

A Natural Biopesticide for the Elimination and Prevention of Bed Bugs

Effective control of existing infestations

Aprehend eradicates existing bed bug infestations. Unlike chemicals, Aprehend usually requires only one application to provide long-term control and protection with minimal preparation or disruption to homeowner.

Ideal for preventing infestations

Used as a quarterly treatment, Aprehend will prevent the establishment of infestations. Bed bugs are attracted to the sleeping area and will attempt to establish colonies close to the source of a blood meal. Strategic application of Aprehend around the rear perimeter of the headboard, base of the box spring bed skirt, and rear perimeter of night stands and picture frames will prevent the establishment of a bed bug colony. Quarterly reapplication will ensure year-round protection from bed bugs.

  • Results in days, up to 3-month residual
  • Minimal resident preparation required
  • Biopesticide with a non-toxic mode of action
  • No chemicals, no odor, no dilution
  • Can be used as a stand-alone treatment or as part of any protocol
  • Avoid repeat visits
  • EPA-registered and registered for use in Canada
  • Ideal for use as a proactive bed bug treatment

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