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157 Medora St Port Carling (ON) P0B 1J0
Mon-Fri 09:00 AM - 04:00 PM | Sat-Sun: Closed

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Muskoka Pest Control inc.

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Why Choose Local?


One of the most important things about hiring local businesses in Muskoka is the knowledge and reputation they bring to each job. Muskoka Pest Control has almost than 35 years’ experience providing pest control services throughout the region and our employees do not work on sales commision.. We live, work and hire in Muskoka. We understand the landscape, the native wildlife, and when the season’s each potential pest is the most active.
It’s also why we get results for our clients and offer honest recommendations and quotes.

Choosing a reputable pest provider is very important!!

Applying pesticides in your home or cottage should be done by an experienced licensed professional. This ensures safety and quality.

Tips for choosing a reputable provider. The company should;

  • Be fully licensed and Insured
  • Have proper vehicles and equipment in good working order
  • Properly display credentials and have a properly signed vehicle
  • Be a member of professional associations such as the SPMAO, CPMA and the NPMA
  • Have fully licensed employees who are properly trained and educated
  • Provide accurate and up to date information to clients and avoid making misleading claims about service and safety