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Real Estate Agents should think Pest Control!

Don’t let pests get in the way of your Real Estate Transaction!

In Real Estate, both Buyers and Sellers can benefit from the peace of mind knowing their home or cottage is pest free. A complete inspection and treatment from Muskoka Pest Control is the best way to ensure pests aren’t part of the deal!

Don’t let pests get in the way…We offer inspections and treatments  to prevent and control Carpenter Ants, Mice, Spiders, Wasps/Hornets, Bed bugs and more….

Let the local experts help

Muskoka’s natural beauty and country environment are the reasons so many choose to live and cottage here. Pests are a part of that ecosystem. Some can cause significant damage and health risks while others are a nuisance and can compromise the enjoyment of a home or cottage. We can help.

Good to Know!

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ants can do significant Damage

There are 203 species of ants in Ontario. Carpenter ants are native to Central Ontario and are the Ant most commonly seen by homeowners in rural settings. Carpenter ants are always looking for a suitable place to make nests/colonies. If the conditions become present in a structure (such as moisture problems) the potential for an infestation in the structure increases significantly. They can cause damage by chewing and nesting in wood and other materials in the home/cottage.

An annual treatment is the best way to control and prevent Carpenter Ant infestations.

At Muskoka Pest Control, We know Carpenter Ants… Let the local experts help!


Deer Mouse

Mice can chew wires and contaminate food and Living areas

Mice are prolific breeders and exceptional climbers and can enter buildings through holes the size of a dime. They are active year round but commonly enter buildings in the fall as the cooler temperatures set in. Their chewing can cause damage in homes and their droppings/urine can cause health concerns. They can have 5-7 young each litter and reach reproductive maturity at 7-8 weeks. Annual control measures are often required to control mice in and around homes/cottages.

At Muskoka Pest Control, We know Mice… Let the local experts help!


Common House Spider

Common House Spider

Spiders and webbing can detract from the aesthetic appeal of a home, cottage or boathouse. Spider webs around windows, doorways, soffits and fascia can be an unpleasant sight. They can outdoor living spaces difficult to enjoy and make people uncomfortable. Even when swept or washed away, they can return quickly leaving you with another big cleaning chore before you know it! An annual exterior spider treatment is the answer.

At Muskoka Pest Control, We know Spiders…  Let the local experts help!




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Muskoka Pest Control has been keeping your home, cottage and business pest free for almost 30 years! Serving all of Muskoka and surrounding areas, we specialize in Pest Control, Pest Removal, Wildlife Control and Retail Products. We specialize in pests such as Carpenter Ants, Bed bugs, Wasps/Hornets, Mice, Spiders and Wasps.

Mark Sampson

Mark Sampson

General Manager - Owner at Muskoka Pest Control
With almost 30 years in the industry, Mark brings a wide scope of experience and knowledge to both his customers and staff. Mark holds several licenses and has previously sat on the board of directors of the SPMAO both as a director and vice president. He is also a registered examiner through the PIC (Pesticide Industry Council).
Mark Sampson
Mark Sampson

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