Hello Everyone,

I thought I’d start with a personal message to get this new blog started off. Blogging is new to me and I’m hoping to make this a fun and informative part of our new website. I intend to share articles, videos and anything else that’s relevant in the hope of providing good solid information that people can trust. You will see content from PCT – Pest Control Technology, one of our trusted trade publications as well as other great information as I come across it.

There is unfortunately at lot of misinformation out there when it comes to pest control, pesticides, pest behavior and safety and that makes it difficult to be an educated consumer. Let’s see if we can change that a little…

As pest management professionals (PMP’s) we often find ourselves in a unique position with our customers and the general public.

“How so?” you ask.

Well, the fact is, most people are afraid of the problem….pests! and they’re also afraid of the solution….pesticides! I’m not suggesting that pesticides are always the solution, or the only solution, but the fact is they are necessary to solve many problems that otherwise would be unmanageable.

That’s why it’s important to have experts you can rely on. Professionals who understand pests and their biology as well as the safest most effective ways to control them.

If you have a pest problem…Talk to the Experts!